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Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (Polytechnic), Pune
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Recognized by Government of Maharashtra and
Affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai

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Why to choose Polytechnic (Diploma) route for Engineering after 10th

»  Requires 3 years to complete diploma after 10th.

»  After Diploma provision for direct Second year degree admission.

»  No any CET for Diploma admission as well as for Direct second year Degree admissions.

»  Less expensive than 11th& 12th.

»  Diploma students have more technical knowledge than 12th students.

»  Better Job availability after Diploma.

»  Availability of different Govt. Scholarships for diploma education.

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Admission Procedure for Indian students in details

Out of the intake capacity per branch in the institute 80% of the seats will be filled up through the centralized admission process of Govt. of Maharashtra. The remaining 20% of the seats will be filled by the institute. he seats available for admission through centralized admission process (CAP) shall be distributed as per the details given below

1.1. Distribution of seats available under General Admission Process :

Out of the intake capacity per branch in the institute 80% of the seats will be filled up through the centralized admission process of Govt. of Maharashtra. The remaining 20% of the seats will be filled by the institute. The seats available for admission through centralized admission process (CAP) shall be distributed as per the details given below

Seat allocation Seats available for admission

District Level 70 % Seats 70% seats of the intake capacity in CAP of each course will be filled from the candidates passing qualifying (Std. X) examination from a school located in Pune District.
State Level 30 % Seats 30% seats of the intake capacity in CAP of each course will be filled from all Maharashtra State candidates. These seats will be filled on the basis of State Level Merit List prepared amongst all the eligible applications who have opted for 30 % State Level seats.
  • 1. For Admission in CAP rounds, the candidates will have to apply through online application process hosted on the website of DTE, MS (http://www.dtemaharashtra.gov.in only. No other mode of application submission will be accepted.
  • Candidates willing to take admission in institute level seats will also required to apply in the CAP.
1.2 Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme (TFWS) Seats :
I) Scheme
  • These seats shall be filled in by the Competent Authority.
  • The scheme shall be mandatory for all Technical Institutions offering Diploma programs and lateral entry of these programs that are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education.
  • Seats up to maximum 5 percent of sanctioned intake per course shall be available. These seats shall be supernumerary in nature and will be available to such courses in an Institute where a minimum of 30 % of sanctioned seats in the respective courses are filled up in respective CAP Round. For calculation of 30%, the Institutional Quota seats retained by institute for the course shall be considered as completely filled.
  • The Waiver is limited to the tuition fee as approved by the State Level Fee Regulation Authority for unaided Institutions and by the Government for the Government and Government Aided Institutions . All other fee except tuition fees shall be paid by the beneficiary.
  • The Candidates admitted under this scheme shall not be allowed to change Institution/course at any stage under any circumstances.
  • These seats shall be available for admission to First Year of Diploma in Engineering & Technology and Hotel Management & Catering Technology courses.
(II) Eligibility
  • Only Maharashtra State Candidature candidates are eligible for these seats.
  • Eligible Maharashtra State Candidates having their parent’s annual income from all sources less than Rs.6.00 Lakhs shall only be eligible for these seats. The candidate shall submit Income certificate of financial year 2015-16 issued by Appropriate Authority.
(III) Admissions Procedure
  • These seats are allotted by the Competent Authority as per inter-se merit. For this purpose the Competent Authority shall invite applications, prepare a separate merit list for this category by following the same criteria as for Maharashtra State Candidature Candidates. In the event of non-availability of students in this category the same shall not be given to any other category of applicants.
1.3 Candidates from other states (OMS):
The seats remaining vacant, if any, after offering admissions to all Maharashtra candidates on the merit list will be offered to the eligible candidates from the states other than Maharashtra State as per the following guidelines.
  • All OMS candidates will be considered as general category candidates and will have to fulfill the eligibility criteria as mentioned in Rule 2
  • OMS candidates are required to apply by submitting online form in the CAP.
1.4 Seats for Jammu & Kashmir Migrant Candidates :
Provision of one seat per course over and above the sanctioned intake in all Polytechnics/Institutes in the Maharashtra state is available for :
  • J-1 Type: The children of citizens who are displaced from Jammu and Kashmir to any part of India or from unsafe border area of J & K to a relatively safer place in J & K from 1990 onwards due to terrorist activities.
  • J-2 Type: The children of officers belonging to Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, Indian Forest Service, other officers and children of staff belonging to military and paramilitary forces, transferred to Jammu and Kashmir to combat terrorist activities.
  • J-3 Type: The children of staff of J&K police engaged in combating terrorism. Admission against these seats is made strictly on the basis of inter se merit of combined single merit list of all eligible J & K Migrant candidates. The candidates seeking admission against the seats reserved for J&K migrant have to submit relevant Certificates shown in proforma J/K/L in support of their claim at the time of admission. Under any condition the seats remaining vacant in this quota will not be offered to Candidates from any other category. Candidates seeking admission under this provision shall submit their duly filled application forms to the following address as per the notified schedule.

The Principal, S.B.M. Polytechnic,
Vile Parle (West), Near Cooper Hospital, Mumbai- 400 056

Candidates admitted under this provision are not allowed to change course or college in any year of study. Candidates who are eligible to apply against the provision of Jammu & Kashmir Migrant Candidate seats as well as against the Maharashtra State seats are only entitled to claim for one of these seats.

2. Eligibility for Admission

Candidate should be an Indian National and should have passed the SSC (Std.X) examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education or its equivalent, with subjects Maths/Mathematics, General Science and English, with minimum 35% aggregate marks.
Note :The term ‘aggregate marks’ used here shall mean as follows.
A. For Maharashtra State Board Candidates :-
  • I. The candidates who have passed SSC Examination prior to March 2009, the aggregate marks shall be grand total of marks obtained by the candidate in any 5 subjects where he/she scored maximum marks.
  • II. The candidates who have passed SSC Examination after Mrch 2009, the aggregate marks shall be total marks of 5 subjects taken into consideration and mentioned on the Mark sheet.
  • III. Candidates who have passed Maths/Mathematics (Code 71 for Maharashtra State Board Candidates) and Science & Technology (Code 72 for Maharashtra State Board candidates) are only eligible for admission
  • IV. In case marks against sports activities are given on the marksheet, these shall be added to the aggregate marks for deciding merit.
B. For ICSE Candidates -
  • a. Student seeking admission on the basis of Group 1 & Group 2 subjects only, the aggregate marks shall be the grand total of marks in any of the 5 subjects from Group1 & Group 2 where he/she has scored maximum marks.
  • b. Student seeking admission on the basis of Group 1, Group 2 & Group 3, aggregate marks shall be the grand total of all subjects from all groups.
C. For CBSE Candidates -
  • The aggregate mark means the grand total of marks obtained by the candidate, including all subjects as declared on Mark sheet.
D. For CBSE/ICSE Candidates :-
  • In case the result of the Candidate is given in terms of grades, such Candidates are required to submit the graded result into the equivalent marks authorised from the concerned institute/Board.
  • Candidates passing SSC from other than State Boards or Central Boards shall bring equivalent certificate from Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE).
  • Any amendments/Acts/Judgements which may be published by Government/Hon. Courts of India from time to time will be applicable to Candidates and Institutes covered under these rules of admission.
F. Age Limit
  • There shall be no age limit for amission to Polytechnic. The above Rules are subjected to modification by the Government of Maharashtra from time to time. Any change in the admission rules shall be applicable to all concerned as per directives of Government of Maharashtra (Director of Technical Education, Maharashtra State).

3. Admission Procedure

The admissions for all the courses will be made in accordance to the Maharashtra Unaided Private Professional Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Fees Act. 2015 No. XXVIII of 2015) Rules 2016, through the centralized admission process conducted by the State Common Entrance Test cell, of Govt. of Maharashtra.

Online Admission Process

Outline of the process is as follows.

  • Purchase of admission kit from Facilitation center (FC)
  • Filling and conformation of online form at FC.
  • Display of provisional merit list.
  • Grievances and corrections if any.
  • Option form filling for Round I,II,III.
  • Allotment & Reporting for Round I,II,III at ARC .
  • Option form filing for Round IV Allotment by counseling and Reporting at ARC.
  • Reporting to respective Institute for final admission.
For more Details visit www.dtemaharashtra.gov.in

4. Admission to the candidates who want to take repeat admission in First Year of Engineering / Technology Diploma Course during current Academic year :

The candidates who were already admitted to any diploma course during the previous academic years are eligible for fresh admission to first year diploma course during the current academic year subject to the condition that such candidates will not be eligible for exemption in any subjects passed during the earlier academic years. Such candidates shall have to produce NOC (No Objection certificate) from the institute of earlier admission. Such candidate will have to obtain the eligibility certificate from the MSBTE.

5. Reservations:

The various reservations provided for the seats available under CAP are as follows :

5.1 For candidates passing SSC examination with Technical/Vocational subjects from SSC Board Maharashtra state: 15 % of the seats available.

  • For deciding the merit of such candidates, the marks scored by the candidate in the SSC Examination, without considering the marks scored in the Technical/ vocational subjects, shall be considered.
  • The seats reserved for these candidates shall have further reservation among themselves for the Backward Class category candidates mentioned in these Rules.

5.2 Reservation for sons / daughters of defence Service Personnel:

Maximum of five (5) seats, shall be reserved for children of active/Ex defence service personnel as per the rules of DTE, Maharashtra.

5.3 Reservations for Physically Handicapped Candidates:

3% of the seats available under CAP These seats are within the sanctioned intake capacity. This reservation shall be as per applicable rules of DTE, Maharashtra.

5.4 Reservation for female candidates:

30% seats shall be reserved for female candidates in all the courses of the institutions coming under CAP in respective categories and in 70 and 30% reserved seats respectively.There shall be no reservation for Female candidates under Defence, Physically Handicapped and SBC categories.

5.5 Reservation for Backward Class Candidates:

S.No. Category of reservation Percentage of
1 Scheduled Castes and Schedule caste converts to Buddhism (SC) 13.0
2 Schedule Tribes (S.T.) 7.0
3 Vimukta Jati (V.J.) And De notified Tribes (D.T.) 3.0
4 Nomadic Tribes (N.T.-B) 2.5
5 Nomadic Tribes (N.T.-C) 3.5
6 Nomadic Tribes (N.T.-D) 2.0
7 Other Backward classes (O.B.C.) 19.0
Total 50.0

Note :

  • Candidates belonging to Special Backward Class (SBC) will be offered reservation up to extent of 2% seats of the seats available for Maharashtra candidates which are coming under the purview of the Competent Authority subject to condition that any seats remain vacant in the reserved category at the end of stage-II of allotment. These seats are carved out during the allotment of stage-II and no separate seats are earmarked before the start of the allotment process. However care shall be taken that reservation quota for S.B.C. category shall not exceed 2% of the seats available under General admission process and total reservation does not exceed 50%.
  • Even if the candidate belonging to Backward Class Category secures admission against a seat belonging to the General category by virtue of merit, such candidate has to produce all the necessary documents in support of the category claimed both at the time of admission and while filling up of the CAP admission form.’
  • All OMS candidates are treated as GENERAL/OPEN category candidates and are not eligible to claim reservation
  • If a candidate fails to claim reservation for backward class on the application and subsequently claims reservation at the time of admission by producing necessary documents, such claim shall not be considered.

6. Admissions in Institutional Quota and vacant seats after CAP

  • (a) Aspiring Candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria shall apply to the Principal or Director of the respective institution for admission at the Institution level.
  • (b) Information brochure of the Institution is available in the institution office.
  • (c) Admissions shall be made in a transparent manner and strictly as per the Inter-Se-Merit of the Candidates who have applied to the institution.
  • (d) If any CAP seat becomes vacant after the CAP Rounds then the same shall be filled in by the Candidate from the same Category for which it was earmarked during the CAP. Further if the seats remain vacant then the seats shall be filled on the basis of Inter-Se-Merit of the applicant.

7. Reporting at Institutes :

7.1 Reporting and accepting the offered seat will be as per the allotment of the CAP Round I,II and III by the Candidate at Admission Reporting Centre (ARC).During the CAP, before accepting the allotted seat a Candidate can opt to 'Freeze', 'Slide' or 'Float' the choice of academic program for subsequent round (s) if any, of seat allocation, as provided below :-

  • a) Freeze - Candidates accept the offered seat and they do not want to participate in any further rounds of seat allocation. Such Candidates will not be considered in subsequent rounds of admission.
  • b) Slide – Candidates accept the offered seat and indicate that, if admission to an academic program of higher preference is offered within the same Institution, they will accept it Such Candidates will be considered in subsequent rounds of admission.
  • c) Float – Candidates accept the offered seat and indicate that, if admission to an academic program of higher preference in any Institution is offered they will accept it. Else, they will in subsequent rounds of admission.
  • d) For Candidates who choose the Float or Slide option, and secures a seat of his choice of higher preference, then it would automatically result in the forfeiture of the seat accepted by the Candidate in the earlier round.
  • e) Sliding and Floating options will bot be available to a Candidate who is offered admission to his First choice.

7.2 Important

  • i. Candidates shall confirm the admission by paying the requisite amount of fee and by submitting required documents in original to the respective institute, to which admission is granted as per schedule.
  • ii. If a candidate fails to substantiate the claims made at the time of submitting necessary original documents within the reporting time for CAP Round, the candidate forfeits the claim on the allotted seat.
  • iii. If a candidate is unable to produce original certificates at the time of his/her admission on account of admission already secured to some other institution, he or she shall produce a certificate from the Head of the institution where he/she has already taken admission indicating that he/she has been admitted to a particular course in that institution on a particular date and hence original certificates have been retained in that institution. The candidate shall produce the attested copies of the certificates duly attested by the Head of the concerned institution, Such candidates shall be required to pay the fees immediately at the time of admission and such candidates shall be permitted to submit the required original certificates within 04 working days after the date of payment of fees.
  • iv. If candidate reports to the Admission Authority later than the time and date given, he or she shall be considered for admission against the seats available in his/her category at the time of reporting if that particular round of admission is still going on
  • v. After the 'Cut off date' for admission through admission Authority, no claim for admission shall be entertained on any ground whatsoever.

7.3 Documents to be submitted alongwith application form

S.No Type of Candidate Attested true copies of documents to be attached along with application Form
1 All Candidates Indian Nationality Certificate*, VIII, IX Mark sheet/ Proforma Z, S.S.C. (Std. X) mark sheet. School leaving Certificate after passing SSC (Std. X), HSC/MCVC mark sheet and Leaving Certificate, if applicable. Certificate of passing Intermediate Grade Drawing examination, if applicable.
2 Type-B Candidates Domicile Certificate ** of candidate or of father/mother of candidate indicating that he/she is domiciled in the State of Maharashtra.
3 Type-C Candidates Certificate from the employer stating that father/mother of the candidate who is a central Government /Govt. of India undertaking employees is presently posted in Maharashtra.
4 Type-D Candidates And Type- E Candidatesis Certificate from the employer stating that father/ mother of the candidate who a Maharashtra State Government /Maharashtra State Government undertaking employee.
5 Backward class Candidates belonging to S.C./ S.T. Caste certificate
6 Backward class Candidates belonging to VJ/DT NT(A)/ NT(B)/ NT(C)/NT(D)/OBC/ SBC categories Caste certificate Non creamy layer certificate valid up to 31st March 2017
7 Defence Quota Defence Service Certificate, Domicile certificate of father/mother who is domiciled in the state of Maharashtra.
8 Active Defence Service (Non Domiciled) (Def3) Defence Service Certificate stating that father mother of the candidate who is an active defence service person is presently posted in Maharashtra.Or Certificate stating that father/mother of the candidate who is an active defence service person and has retained the family in his previous place of posting in Maharashtra.
9 Persons with Disability Candidates P1 P2/P3 Certificate in the proforma-F/F-1. As per Govt. Information Brochure
10 Jammu & Kashmir Migrant candidates (J1/J2/J3) Certificate of posting in case of defence and Govt. servants in proforma - J as per Govt. Information Brochure Certificate for stay in refugee camp for those staying in refugee camp in proforma - K as per Govt. Information Brochure Certificate stating that the candidate belongs to displace family in proforma -- L as per Govt. Information Brochure
11 Foreign Nationals Equivalence certificate from MSBSHSE And Certificate / Proof of Foreign nationals. Eligibility certificate from MSBTE. NOC from Indian Embassy
12 Persons of Indian origin Equivalence certificate from MSBSHSE And Certificate / Proof of Foreign nationals. Eligibility certificate from MSBTE. NOC from Indian Embassy.
13 Workers in Gulf Countries/Non Resident Indian Certificate / Proof of Person being Worker in Gulf Countries/NRI status.equivalence certificate from HSBSHSE
14 NCC Certification of representing Maharashtra at All India level, NCC Certificate of minimum 70% attendance in two years of N.C.C., N.C.C. 'A' certificate.
15 Minority Candidate Certificate of Religion or leaving certificate showing Candidate belongs to Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Shikh, Parsi or Jain community Domicile certificate
16 TFWS Candididate Income certificate of financial year 2015-16 issued by competent authority stating that candidate's parents annual income from all sources is less than Rs.6 Lakhs.

*In lieu of the "Certificate of Indian Nationality" following documents will also be acceptable
  • 1. The School leaving Certificate indicating the Nationality of the candidate as 'Indian'.
  • 2. Indian Passport in the name of the candidate, issued by appropriate authorities.
  • 3. Birth Certificate of the Candidate indicating the place of birth in India.
** Domicile certificate:

Domicile certificate issued by the Maharashtra State's appropriate authorities will be considered valid. The domicile certificate of Mother of the candidate shall be supported with marriage certificate and legal proof of change in name if any. Such candidates will be required to submit birth certificate clearly mentioning the name of the mother.

Cut off date for the eligibility:

The eligibility of the candidate shall be determined and/or decided for all purposes including for applicability of all these Rules and Regulations by considering the last date of submission of Online Application form for CAP as the cut off date. It is made abundantly clear that if a candidate is found ineligible as on the last date of submission of Online Application form for CAP, in terms of these Rules and Regulations, and if such an ineligible candidate acquires the requisite eligibility after the aforesaid cut off date (i.e. the last date of submission of Online Application form), such subsequent acquisition of eligibility will not make an ineligible candidate eligible for any purpose whatsoever, much less for the purpose of admission.

Caste validity Certificate:

The candidates belonging to SC, VJ/DT (NT(A)), NT(B), NT(C), NT(D), OBC and SBC categories should produce "Caste Validity Certificate" issued by Scrutiny Committee of Social Welfare Department and the Candidate belonging to ST category should submit "Tribe Validity Certificate" issued by Scrutiny Committee of Tribal Department at the time of claiming fees reimbursement as demanded by the concerned authority.


Copies of certificates attached to the application form should be Attested by the Principal of previous school / Institute or a Gazetted Officer. ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE IF ATTACHED TO THE APPLICATION WILL NOT BE RETURNED. ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE WILL HAVE TO BE PRODUCED FOR VERIFICATION AT THE TIME OF SCRUTINY OF APPLICATION PRIOR TO ADMISSION.
In case any information or document submitted is found to be incorrect / false / forged the admission of the candidate given such into will be cancelled with immediate effect .

Application for admission will not be considered unless it is :

  • (i) Completely and correctly filled in.
  • (ii) Accompanied by attested copies of the requisite certificates in support of the claims made in the application.
  • (iii) Received in the office of the Principal on or before the last date prescribed. " Certificates will not be accepted after last date

7.4 Admission is confirmed only after :

  • i) Eligibility certificate from the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education is obtained.
  • ii) The fees are fully paid.
  • iii) The admission is approved by Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State
  • iv) All online forms are filled, printed & verified by the concerned authority.

7.5 Retaintion of Original Certificates :

If candidate is offered admission, his or her original School / College leaving certificate (post qualifying examination ) will be retained by the concerned Admission Authority effecting the admission. This original certificate will not be returned to any candidate once admitted to a course at the Admission Center unless the candidate cancels his or her admission. If admission is cancelled on or before 31st August of the admission year, the original school or college leaving certificate, on the strength of which the candidate was admitted will be returned. A true copy of original school or college leaving certificate retained by the institute may be issued, if requested by the candidate, duly attested by the Head of the Institute.

7.6 Caution :

If any of the statement made in application form or any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his or her admission is latter on at any time, found to be false or incorrect, his or her admission will be cancelled, fees forfeited and he or she may be expelled from the college by the Principal. An appeal against the order of expulsion, however, may be preferred within 7 days to the Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai, whose decision in such cases will be final.


8.1 Seats available for admission process to be carried out under these rules : 20% seats of the sanctioned intake are available as over and above the sanctioned intake in all the Polytechnics / Institutes in state for direct admission to the Second Year of Post SSC full Time Diploma Courses.
8.2 Eligibility Criteria for Maharashtra State Candidate:

  • 8.2.1 Eligibility Criteria for Direct admission to Second year :

    Candidate Should be Indian National domiciled in Maharashtra fulfilling the conditions prescribed in rule 2.1 and must have passed HSC Science or HSC ( Bifocal/ Technical) or HSC (Vocational/MCVC) Examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or SSC with 2 year duration ITI/ITI COE with 3 modules with appropriate specialization or its equivalent.

    • 1) Candidate with HSC Science or HSC (Bifocal/ Technical) or HSC (Vocational/MCVC) or 10+2 ITI/ITI COE should have passed SSC (10th Std) or equivalent examination with subjects English, Mathematics (Code 71) and Science (Code 72)
    • 2) Eligibility of the student for the specific branches of Diploma Programmes shall be as per MSBTE guidelines prescribed in Rule No. 4.
    • 3) Other then Maharashtra State Candidates are not eligible of admission under Cap.

8.3 Admission Procedure and guide lines :

All Admission for direct admission to second year diploma courses will be made through the Centralized Admission Process (CAP). As per the details given in Information Brochure of Government of Maharashtra state Common Entrance Test Cell.


The interim fee per student per year for the year 2016-2017 is Rs. 63,800/-. The final fees for the academic year 2016-2017 will be decided by the Shikshan Shulka Samiti, Maharashtra State. In case of increase in the fees the students and parents will have to pay the additional amount, of difference. Once the candidate pays the interim fee and complete the admission process by signing the application form he/she will be deemed to have submitted the undertaking stating that ‘I will pay, without delay an amount equal to increase in fee which and when it will be finalized by the "Shikshan Shulka Samiti", and notified by the Institute’. The institute is bound to refund any excess fee collected if the final fee is less than the interim fee.
The fees are to be paid in cash or by demand draft drawn in favour of " Principal, Bharati Vidyapeeth's Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (Polytechnic) (Polytechnic), Pune" payable at Pune. Fees will not be accepted by cheque.
Freeship / Scholarship for backward class students provided by Govt. of Maharashtra are applicable as per rules.
All the new students have to pay MSBTE enrolment fees (Rs. 210) at the time of admission and examination fee for every semester examination. The students will have to purchase different laboratory manuals of MSBTE as per their branch of studies. The students are also required to pay caution money deposit which is refundable at the time of cancellation of admission or completion of course.

9.1 Caution Money:

Caution money deposits received from the students shall be refunded after successful completion of the course or after cancelling the admission. Unless there is any recovery, no deduction shall be made from the caution money deposit.
However, the amount of caution money deposit shall be transferred to Students Aid Fund in case of Un-Aided colleges and credited to Government in case of Government and Non 16 Government-Aided Colleges, if candidate does not apply for refund, as given below.

  • Within 3 complete financial years after the student actually leaves the institution; OR Within 3 complete financial years after the date of successful completion of the course, whichever is earlier

10. Refund of fees after cancellation of admission by institutions.

  • a) The Candidate shall apply online for cancellation and submit signed copy of system generated Application for cancellation of admission to the institution.
  • b) After receiving admission cancellation request from the Candidate, the institution shall cancel the admission immediately and generate online acknowledgement of cancellation of admission through institution login and issue a signed copy to the Candidate.
  • c) The refund of fees before cut-off date of admission shall be made within two days i.e. total fee minus the processing charges of Rs. 1000/-, or refund rule shall be as per the guidelines of the appropriate authorities or the State Government, as the case may be.
  • d) If the admission is cancelled after the cut-off date of admission declared by the Competent Authority, there shall be no refund except the Security Deposit and Caution Money Deposit. Entire amount of security / caution money deposit is to be refunded back.
  • e) In case of candidates belonging to SC/ST/VJ/DT(NT-A)/NT-B/NT-C/NT-D/OBC/SBC who want to cancel the admission, the above provisions of refund shall be applicable to him/ her as if the candidate has secured admission in open category and the candidate will have to pay the tuition fee as per open category before claiming the original certificates from the institute.
  • f) Issue of School / College Leaving Certificates :
    If during the course of studies , a candidate desires to discontinue studies for any reason whatsoever, he or she shall be allowed to do so and it shall be presumed that he or she has cancelled admission at that stage. The Principal shall issue Institution Leaving Certificate
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